Guaranteed Same Day Delivery Service Since 1976


Who Do We Serve?

From doctors’ offices to advertising agencies, ICS serves the delivery and courier needs of hundreds and hundreds of companies. Find out more about our services by clicking on a service category below or check out a few of the industries we serve and contact us today.

Medical Delivery Services

Couriers are fully trained in the transport of biohazardous specimens and carry all the appropriate equipment and authorized spill-kits. We specialize in “stat” and routed service. Including supply intra-office mail and reports, home infusion and any other types of services that may be required. Certificates of training are readily available.

Banking Delivery Services

ICS is proud to offer banking delivery services for our business partners and customers. This unique business delivery service frees you and your staff from coordinating and executing time-consuming bank deposits and runs. ICS does the work for you and provides reliable, highly-experienced couriers to handle all your banking delivery needs.

Legal Delivery Services

No matter if your business needs require file deliveries or courier services for subpoenas and court documents, ICS is the premier delivery service preferred by law professionals throughout the area.

International Postal Pick-up/Delivery

Specializing in proof runs, interoffice mail, International Post Office pick-ups and deliveries, lock box service, customer deposits, cash letters, Federal Reserve runs and regular messengers. We always remain flexible with regards to bank holidays and early close days.

Types of Services

  • Emergency
  • Scheduled
  • Dedicated Couriers
  • Next Flight Out
  • Bank Routes
  • International Postal Pick-up and Delivery
  • Medical Specimen Routes
  • Routed
  • Stat

Emergency Services

  • 90 minute emergency service to the city
  • 2½ hour emergency service to the suburbs
  • STAT Medical Delivery


Pricing is tailored to each company on an individual basis since no two routes are completely alike.